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Life Immortal Program

Honours your loved ones.
Life Immortal Program

Life Immortal Program

Help fund reforestation and honour your loved one's memory.

Participation in the Life Immortal Program is simple.

  • Select a qualifying solid hardwood casket or an Enviro-CasketTM.
  • Complete an information form that captures relevant information.
  • Receive written confirmation that a donation was made in honour of your loved one.

It's really that easy.

Ask your Funeral Director for guidance in casket selection and completing the tribute card. He or she will take care of the rest of your behalf.

Northern Casket's Life Immortal Program provides families an opportunity to honour their loved one simply by choosing a select solid hardwood casket or an Enviro-CasketTM. In co-operation with Canadian Conservation Authorities, a donation will be made to the Conservation Authority of your choice. The donation will be applied to reforestation.

Funeral Directors please complete the Tribute Form below.

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